Heart to Heart Initiative provides both preventative, interventional and follow-up services to combat child abuse and domestic violence in communities through;


We provide awareness forums and capacity building through general counselling sessions and trainings in institutions targeting children, their caregivers and their family members.  We visit schools, churches, mosques, local community groups through the local council, companies and organizations with services for children, youths and adults.

  • The Unstoppable Me, Sipowa Schools Program which is very famous. Through it, we target 50 schools in one school term offering holistic counselling and followup services to both students and the school staff. It is crowned with a competitive schools Award winning debate and the winners take home awards, certificates and medals.

The Community Reach-out Services

The Hearts Connect Community Program; this is our community giving program which is all the year round. 
Needy people visit the Centre for food and clothing while others (needy families) are assessed and given clothing and food throughout the year.

We also hold two special giving events; before the Easter and Christmas holidays where we give out to communities’ food, clothing and a general makeover with haircuts and treatment and an annual children’s party. 

  • Our Media reach-out programs.

We hold teachings and discussions on different media platforms. This includes, TV, Radio and social media. 

  • The Annual Children’s Camp organized through our Ten Girls Ten Boys Project.