Together We Can Provide Better Life to All African Children


Heart to Heart Initiative has visited  31 schools this 2019 and 61 schools last year empowering individual students, teachers and parents as individual family members. We believe that within every child lies many unanswered questions that they may not freely share directly with their immediate care givers. We also know that given an opportunity, they can share it with counselors like us. This is why we choose to keep visiting schools and impacting students and teachers with our inspirational and motivational messages, answering students’ questions and giving one on one counseling sessions through our schools program named, “The Unstoppable Me, Sipowa” Schools Program led by Mrs. Sarah Kwagala Kasozi, a renowned child and family therapist. Last year we had “The I am Smart, Ndi Wakabi” Schools Campaign where we partnered with Martin Yoyo and the Yoyo Music Team targeting 50 schools in one school term and we managed to reach out to 47 schools in the term. We also visited more schools in the second and third term and all these reach outs were a great success.


We therefore empower the children/ students and their caregivers intellectually, morally, spiritually, socially and mentally/emotionally so that they can achieve holistic success in their present and future lives. We focus our teachings on the physical, mental, sexual health and relationships (with focus on abstinence), spiritual health, self-esteem/ confidence, financial management /entrepreneurship, Leadership, career guidance among others.