Who We Are

Heart to Heart Initiative is a social support Organization that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services to create safe and secure communities in Uganda. We ensure that there is physical, emotional/mental, sexual health in families and all children, youths and adults are safe and secure. Heart to Heart Initiative’s therapeutic approach offers unique programs that focus on the general wellbeing of  the entire family unit. We offer emotional wellness services which include therapy to individuals, counselling sessions, trainings in child care, child protection, youth survival services, family survival and Christian family ethics among others.

We also believe in equipping children, youths and parents with skills to enable them overcome family challenges like poverty and scarcity of resources. These skills include briquette making, making of reusable sanitary towels, electrical installation and, sewing and tailoring. Our unique child protection and family preservation services are customized to meet all people’s needs within the family setting. However we integrate environmental preservation within all our programs because we believe that healthy families have to live in healthy environments.

Franklyn Stephen and Sarah Kwagala Kasozi are the founders of Heart to Heart Initiative.  In May 2005, Franklyn got a vision for families, to be “more of God’s voice”.  In 2007 he got married to Sarah and together they begun to pursue the dream of preserving families.

Franklyn is a Pastor who has been in youth leadership for over 15 years and is pursuing his Master’s degree in Theology. He is also the administrator of Voice of Christ Church, Kulambiro, Kampala – Uganda and works in partnership with other ministries like Reconciliation ministries International and Touch Heaven Ministries in Virginia USA.

Sarah is a child protection Specialist who has served children for over 10 years working with many organizations in Uganda such as SAFE (Strategic Action for Eradication of Child Abuse), SMILE (Supporting Minors to Improve Life), NDE Network, Kampala Children’s Centre, Alliance for a Uganda Without Orphans among others.  Sarah has also been a youth leader for over 5 years at Voice of Christ Church and works with many youth leaders in and around Kampala.

Both Franklyn and Sarah have served as lecturers at the University of World Mission Frontiers and they are the Ugandan Country Directors of Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand Intentional, USA. They are a couple that is fully committed to family preservation, placing children back in families and creating a better Christian family in Uganda and the rest of the World.

Interview with VOA

Our Vision

To protect children, rebuild families and transform communities.

Our Mission

To create safe and secure family environments for healthy and happy children and their parents/ guardians/ caregivers within our communities.

What we do

  • Therapy/Counselling for children, youths and adults for emotional/ mental health.
  • Trainnings on child protection, youth challenges, safety, parenting and family preservation.
  • Skilling of youths and family heads in communities.
  • Advocacy on issues of child protection, youth support services and family strengthening.
  • Rescues of children experincing child abuse and people experiencing domestic violence.
  • Environmental preservation in communities through recycling and upcycling of household wastes to create safe and secure environments for their inhabitants.
  • Evangelism, strengthening and encouraging the body of Christ.