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It was founded in 2013 as a Facebook page called Heart to Heart, the Counselor providing counselling services to individuals on Facebook.

It was later registered as Heart to Heart Initiative in 2017 reaching out to vulnerable communities in Uganda with a focus on child protection and family strengthening. The organization made 5 years in November 2022.

In 2016 and 2017, the organization focused on reaching out needy children and families in Acholi quarters. This was a place that had many child headed families, families had found their way to Kampala after escaping the war in Northern Uganda. Families were given clothing, shoes and food items every Christmas holiday.

In 2018, we opened up our first office in Kawempe, we later shifted to Kagoma and attention was shifted from Acholi quarters to Kagoma. The Kasozi family sacrificed part of their home for the office and general organization’s activities. This was mainly because it was easier to monitor and evaluate growth and change among the beneficiaries.

The organization has grown through the years to where it is today because God was faithful and so was the Heart to Heart team. It’s major focus right now is to provide therapeutic services to children, young people and their families. 

Did you know that many of these children in kagoma sleep without a meal?

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Stephen Franklyn Kasozi & Sarah Kwagala Kasozi

Franklyn Stephen and Sarah Kwagala Kasozi are the founders of Heart to Heart Initiative. A couple that is committed to serving children and young people with an experience of serving together for over 15 years. Franklyn is a child protection advocate, youth mentor and an influencer while his wife Sarah is child and family therapist/counselor, a child protection consultant, a keynote speaker, and an author. They are both the pastors of Christ in Us Church in Kagoma.
Having experienced different forms of child abuse during their childhood and gone through childhood trauma, they set out to support children, young people and their families to resolve their differences, live in harmony and attain their God given potential.


Our Vision We envision a safe and healthy environment for all children and young people.

Our Mission is to create safe spaces for children and young people by empowering, Skilling and rehabilitating them

Our Core Values

1.Children Centered

2.Christian Integrity

        3.Justice & Equity for all




Our Team

Sarah Kwagala Kasozi  – Co-Founder/Executive Director

Pr. Franklyn Stephen Kasozi – Co-Founder/Technical Consultant

Gloria Nakirya – Operations Manager

Rachel Nakakande – Community Relations Officer

 Nambafu Daphine – Administrative Assistant 

Kayaga Joanitah – Accounts Officer