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By September 2018, we started the Christ-in Us fellowship in Kagoma after realizing that the best way to help and support families is by introducing them to meaningful  relationship with God and trusting Him to meet their individual family needs.

This was after Pastor Kasozi graduated with a Masters Degree in Divinity and was ordained as a Pastor both at the University of World Mission Frontiers and by Pastor Kasiita John at Voice of Christ Church.

The Christ-in Us Ministry begun years ago on social media as founded by Pastor Kasozi as a means to empower, equip and encourage Christians in their Christian walk with God.

The fellowship hosts around 20 adults and 30 children every Friday at the Heart to Heart Centre in Kagoma.

We have noticed great improvements in the lives and families of the committed people since we started.

About Us

Heart to Heart Initiative is a social support Organization that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services to create safe and secure communities in Uganda.

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