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What We Do

This is what we do at Heart to Heart Initiative.

  1. The Heart to Heart Community Centre

This is an emotional wellness Centre, a community Drop-in Centre in Kagoma – Kanyange, Wakiso District and it serves within three (3) areas.

As a Children’s Centre:  It offers a peaceful environment where the children community children come for rest, relaxation, counselling, play, talent development and academic empowerment to aid emotional growth, better child development, child self-confidence, child self-esteem, promotes Child Rights and helps in fighting child abuse in the community.

As a youth Centre: The youth have many challenges especially during adolescence with many unanswered questions. They come to the Centre to find answers to their questions, make new friends as they are also empowered with skills in talent development and for economic empowerment.

As a Parents/ Adults Drop-in Centre
Many parents come to the Centre for counselling, skilling and trainings.  They are sure to find solutions at the Centre most especially when they have family conflicts and when the have poverty related challenges. Many families have benefited from this program.

  1. The Hearts & Hands Skills Project

Families are struggling and breaking up because of poverty. We decided to provide skills to caregivers and young adults in briquette making, tailoring, sanitary pads sewing. This is done as a way of eradicating poverty from our families and giving each family unit an opportunity to stand firm and strong. Our focus is on recycling and upcycling of household wastes. We encourage safer and cleaner communities as we also improve on the livelihood of the people.

  1. The Christ-in Us Fellowship

The Christ-in Us Fellowship is our Christian gathering which we hold every Friday and on special selected days at the Heart to Heart Centre in Kagoma. We meet, praise, Worship God, share scriptures and pray together with people from the community as we continue to share about the love of God and testify of His goodness under the leadership of Pastor Kasozi Stephen Franklyn and his wife Sarah Kwagala Kasozi.

We also reach out to discouraged Christians with words and deeds of hope encouraging and uplifting them in love.

  1. The Hearts Connect Community Reach-outs 

We have both online and offline services through which we reach out different communities in Uganda. Our direct/offline services include the reach out programs targets schools, churches, mosques, community centres, conferences and seminars. We are commonly known for our Unstoppable me schools campaign which we run in schools. Indirect reach-outs include programs on the mainstream media; radio and television programs.

The Online programs are social media blogging (Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram).

During the Christmas holidays, Heart to Heart Initiatives reaches out to the less privileged communities and provides a treat targeting mostly the single parents and poor families. The purpose is to strengthen their family units during the festival times and give them to access clothes, shoes, accessories and saloon care for free. In this way, we extend the love of Christ.

We provide free shopping to all participants. This special treat includes clothing, saloon care, meals, entertainment and counselling. It is usually crowned with a children’s party at the Heart to Heart Centre.

  1. The Child and Family Rescue Program

We work closely and in partnership with the Police, Probation Offices and other child care organisations as we rescue, refer for rehabilitation, assess, resettle and follow-up on abused children. These include Children that have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused including cases of neglect and abandonment.

We also intervene in cases of domestic violence. We focus on creating lasting solutions to the victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

About Us

Heart to Heart Initiative is a social support Organization that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services to create safe and secure communities in Uganda.

Our Contacts

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