Our Partners & Networks

1. Heart to Heart, Hand N Hand International (www,h2hintl.org)

This is our USA partner since August 2016. We are ministry partners serving the Ugandan families. Bob & Gloria Cooper are the founders and directors of H2H Intl. As like-minded people with Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi, wanting to share the love of God with compassion through; missions, fund-raising and prayer support towards Heart to Heart Initiative in Uganda besides other organizations in other countries. Bob & Gloria’s hearts are blessed in Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand International by making a difference, loving people where they are and sharing this love with others to make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need.
2. SMILE (Supporting Minors to Improve Life)

3. Kyusa

4. Einstein Rising

5. SAFE (Strategic Action for Eradication of Child Abuse)

6. Innovation Nest

7. Soar Away

8. Love & Nurture the Child