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The Initiative

Heart to Heart Initiative is a Christian social support Organization that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services in Uganda.

It was founded by Pastor Franklyn Stephen Kasozi and his wife Sarah Kwagala Kasozi. Its operations started in 2013 through its charity programs in Acholi quarters and through hospital visits around Kampala majorly focusing on Mulago hospital. In December 2016, the Organization was officially launched and it was registered by the Government of Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 30th November 2017, provided with authority to implement its programs.

Our Vision:

To protect children, rebuild families and transform communities.

Our Mission:

To create safe and secure family environments for healthy and happy children and their parents/ guardians/ caregivers within our communities.

Uganda has been experiencing a great increase in the child abuse and domestic violence cases with many missing children choosing to live and work on the streets. We believe in empowering and strengthening families and their individual members so as to create stronger families where children can live in safety and happiness. We therefore direct our programs towards rebuilding and strengthening families, promoting child rights and enhancing child protection policies and programs.

Our Core Values

  • Justice and Equity for all – Every person deserves a right to be listened to and to be given what they deserve. We uphold human rights and uphold them in our services.
  • Social Inclusion – People from all races, tribes, religion, stature and appearance are respected, valued and served in Heart to Heart Initiative
  • Children Centered – All our services are focused at providing a healthy and joyful environment for children to live in.
  • Integrity – We have professionals who practice high ethical standards in the organization.
  • God fearing – Heart to Heart Initiative is a Christian organization and our practices are based on biblical standards.
  • Compassion – How will we serve them if we do not feel their pain? We are moved by empathy and sympathy and we determine to serve all people.
  • Networking, partnerships and unity. – We believe in togetherness. Working together with other stakeholders helps us to reach out to more children, families and communities

Our objectives

  1. To Protect and promote children’s rights and fight child abuse in all its forms in Uganda
  2. To preserve, strengthen or rebuild families so that they can become safe environments for their inhabitants.
  3. To promote youth empowerment and development through moral, emotional and financial support programs.
  4. To provide emotional support and development skills to the vulnerable members of society in the communities of Uganda. These include the children, women, the poor and the physically handicapped among others.
  5. To promote and share God’s love with His people according to the Christian faith as reflected according to James 1:27 in the Holy Bible.
  6. To create an equilibrium between individual family members’ rights and responsibilities for individual well being and productivity.

Heart to Heart Initiative is a Christian based organization focused on protecting children through strengthening and rebuilding families. Our goal is to create powerful communities with strong families that are free from all kinds of child abuse and domestic violence.

Our Causes:

  • Child Protection

For a long time the Uganda Police Child and family Protection Units together with the regional Probation Offices have been overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of Children that dessert/disappear from their homes to the streets in the cities. According to UNICEF, by 2012 Uganda had 2.5million orphans, the child abuse cases are increasing highly with an average of at least 3 cases reported per police station daily, majority of the child abuse cases are never reported increasing the vulnerability of children in the country. Children have found the street as a solution trying to find better living conditions. Uganda has over street 10,000  children especially in major cities with Kampala having almost 50% followed by Iganga, Jinja and Mukono. Many the Child Care Organizations have come up to provide care and protection for these children but they too are usually full and can only take in a few more children. Heart to Heart Initiative seeks to find solutions to these challenges in child protection, despite providing care and protection to these vulnerable children, we also address the causes of child vulnerability through family preservation.

  • Family Preservation

 Whereas a family is generally regarded as the major social institution, if its condition is bad, it can affect the community adversely.  Ugandan families are falling apart mainly because of the problem of absentee fathers leading to the rise in single parenthood, Women are becoming more vulnerable too since they are the major bread winners in the family. Most women are illiterate, working in the informal sector or even as house helps with meager wages that can hardly sustain the family. They have therefore resorted to borrowing high interest loans for survival. These very high poverty levels and increasing domestic violence in homes has torn the families apart and pushed the children to the streets or worse into child abuse. Heart to Heart Initiative provides counselling, moral and economic support to families as we strengthen or rebuild them.

  • Community Transformation

Heart to Heart Initiative takes communities back  to the FAMILY foundation values. Our people are illiterate about the essential family  principles. We work directly with community leaders like the Local Council, counselors, cultural and religious leaders to reach out the people in communities and teach them about the basic parenting skills, child care, child rights, dangers of child abuse, mutual love and faithfulness in relationships and responsibilities and obligations of individual family members. 

Our approaches are directed to the three arms of society which are the children, the youth and the parents/ child caregivers. We therefore design programs to suit all the three groups and their dynamics.

Families have issues and children need their families, lets talk it out. Together we can save our families and create a safe place for our children.

About Us

Heart to Heart Initiative is a social support Organization that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services to create safe and secure communities in Uganda.

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